Nursery Adventures

2's and 3's program

In our nursery program, the daily routine and the activities are designed to give children an opportunity to develop attachments to their teachers as they are adjusting to separating from families and caregivers.  As teachers build individual connections with each child, they facilitate the development of the social skills and emotional regulation necessary to forming friendships. These relationships provide the foundation for a comfortable, lively community of learners. The day is structured to provide plenty of time for teachers to support children as they independently perform self-care tasks like putting on jackets and using the bathroom while they are learning traditional school routines such as lining up, walking in the hallway and participating in group conversations. Children are asked to identify and articulate feelings when working together to solve problems. Early academics such as letter recognition and number awareness are embedded in the classroom environment. Both indoor and outdoor play is part of the daily schedule. Children in these programs also take part in Art, Dance, Music, and Library classes each week.

Nursery Adventures

daily schedule 

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Nursery Adventures

Traditional/Progressive Teaching overview 


Introduce and begin to recognize numbers 1-10 through games, songs and hands on activities.


Recognize 8 basic colors: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown and black.


Begin to recognize 8 basic shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, trapezoid, hexagon, rhombus and octagon.



Introduce and begin to recognize letters.


Fine Motor Skills

Improve hand coordination through play using a variety of materials: play dough, puzzles, finger plays, art project, songs and more.


Gross Motor Skills

Improve large motor skills with directed physical activities: running, jumping, hopping, climbing and more. We make children aware of general body parts.


Language Arts

Improve language skills through circle time, songs, play, listening and discussing stories and more.



Introduce concepts about weather (wind, rain, snow, sun) and temperature and the relationship to clothing.


Gross Motor Skills

Introduce characteristics of seasons (flowers, leaves, seasonal activities) and holidays.



Simple crafts are encouraged with a variety of materials.