4's and 5's program

In our Pre-K classroom, the teachers introduce traditional academics within a child-centered, play-based classroom. While we continue to implement the emergent curriculum methods used with younger children at Higher Level, Pre-Kindergarten teachers lead children toward in-depth exploration and investigation. Using a social studies lens, the children research their community. Taking walks around the neighborhood points to studies of the population, environment, and growth around them,  Teachers work directly with children on handwriting, literacy and math skills. Both indoor and outdoor play is part of the daily schedule. Special classes in Music, Dance, Art, Sports, and Literature are built into the regular program.

Teaching overview 


Identify numbers 1-20 by grouping into sets, simple addition correct
subtraction and number and matching two sets of objects.



Identify ten primary colors: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, black,
pink and white.



Recognize and name eight basic shapes: circle, square triangle,  octagon. Through activities, games, puzzles rectangle, trapezoid, hexagon, rhombus and songs.



Recognize letters of the alphabet, begin to identify upper and lower case. Introduce phonics.


Fine Motor Skills

Master cutting with scissors, holding a pencil and crayon correctly, molding with play dough and clay, piecing puzzles together and tracing inside and outside of stencils.

Gross Motor Skills

Master running, jumping, hopping on one and two feet, climbing, skipping, ball handling and more.


Language Arts

We work on clear enunciation and speech. Work with upper and lower case letter recognition. Each child will work to write his/her name. We work on same/opposite, likeness/difference, and more. Work on “est” concepts (biggest, shortest, etc.). Reinforce manners and identification of specific body parts. Reinforce the days of the weeks and months, and we discuss holidays.


Discuss the weather (wind, rain, snow, sun) and temperature and the relationship to clothing and activities. We also discuss animals and how they adapt to the different weather.


Work in groups and individually on craft projects using a variety of materials.



During the academic school year, the children work with the following programs:

Math Program 

Building Blocks, for more information, click the picture!

Reading Program

Fundations, for more information, click the picture!